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Avianca Airlines Reservations

Travelling to other countries has been made much easier nowadays with many airlines providing great service. There is an increase in the number of people travelling across the globe. People have started travelling not only to relax themselves but also to experience different cultures. With the development of technology, we have a good exposure of the world like never before. This has made people curious about the different places and the unique culture each of them has to offer. There are numerous airlines which offer transportation to various destinations. One of them is Avianca Airlines. Continue reading this article to learn more about Avianca Airlines Reservations.

The first step to take when you are looking to travel to a place is the mode of your travel. All of us know that air travel is the best since the convenience and comfort it offers is unmatched. But which airlines should you choose? You will be baffled by the choices before you. But you don’t have to anymore. Avianca Airlines offers you excellent service and it is an affordable one too.

More about Avianca Airlines

Avianca Airline is the flag carrier of Colombia found in 1919. With its headquarters in Bogota, D.C. it was originally called as SCADTA. Due to this, it has attained the status of world’s second oldest airline. Avianca Airlines offers its service to 187 destinations across 27 countries being the largest airline in Colombia. It focuses on cities like Miami, San Jose, Cartagena, Barranquilla, Medellin and Cali. If you want to explore Latin America, then Avianca Airlines Reservations is the top choice to go with. Its main hub is located at El Dorado International Airport. Since June 2012, it has been an official member of Star Alliance. 

Get Affordable flight tickets with Avianca Airlines Reservations

The most important thing to look for while buying flight tickets is to see if they are affordable. The price of the tickets must fit inside our budget. Avianca Airlines offer cheap, affordable flight tickets to its passengers. So you don’t have to worry about your travel budget anymore. You will get some great deals when you are booking with this airline. With 173 flights, the airlines provide great comfort when you are travelling. There are many amazing offers that you will be informed about at the helpline available for this airline.

The staff at the helpline are very kind and friendly. You can know about the information you are looking for at anytime, since the help is available 24/7. This airline is where convenience meets affordability. The comfort of passengers is their highest priority. You can even get discounts in flight fares. Passengers will have a lovely time during their flight. During your flight you can call Avianca Airlines Booking if you have any on request benefit. To make a booking online with Avianca Airlines Reservations, then simply follow the steps given below.

  • To book a flight through API, open API booking and according to your travel plan choose the kind of flight trip. You can choose multi city or one way or round trip flight.
  • Now you will be required to choose the destination of your travel and the starting point.
  • Provide them with the date of the travel.
  • Now type in the number of persons accompanying you in the travel.
  • The next step is to click on the search flight option to know about all the flights available to you.
  • After this, choose a flight and click on the lodge class. Now click “continue” to proceed with your booking.
  • You will be required to enter some contact details. 
  • After you have completed providing the necessary information, you can now choose to pay your installment.
  • There are many installment options provided to the passengers.
  • You will get an affirmation of your booking, once you have paid the installment.

Rules for carrying baggage in Avianca Airlines

Avianca Airlines strictly follow the rules when it comes to carrying baggage. They are specified below and one should adhere to these rules to travel in this airline.

Rules for Carry-on baggage

  • The passengers can carry one item as carry-on.
  • Your baggage should not exceed 10kg in weight and 115 cm in dimension.
  • The rule is the same for all passengers regardless of the class they are flying in.

Rules for checked baggage

  • For economy class – one free checked baggage item with a weight not exceeding 23kg and dimensions not exceeding 158cm.
  • For business class – two free checked baggage items with weight not exceeding 32kg together. Each bag should not be more than 158cm in dimension.

Check in process- how is it done at Avianca Airlines?

Check in process at the airlines is very simple and straightforward. You can check in through online mode by accessing the check-in page in Avianca Reservations website. This will be made available just before 24 hours of the flight’s departure time.  You will be required to enter the confirmation number. You have to provide your first and last name too. Another way is to check in at the airport counter which will open up 3 hours before the flight’s departure time.

Types of cabins available at Avianca Airlines


  • Modern Economy class – this class offers the passengers wide enough seats with headrests for comfortable travel. You will be provided with sufficient leg room, cup holders, 7 or 9 inch screen for personal entertainment. Other standard facilities like blankets, USB port, headsets and power outlets will be available.
  • All new Business class – you can have a luxurious travel with the elegantly designed cabins. The seats made of leather are perfect for making you feel comfortable. With more legroom and seats 40 inches apart, the business class cabin offers you a great travel. You can entertain yourselves with the movies and music available.


Overall, you will have a wonderful travel experience with Avianca Airlines Reservations. Make your travel a fun-filled, memorable one with this airline. They practice high standards in their service and yet make the travel affordable to all. Explore the places you have always wanted to visit with the help of Avianca Airlines.

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