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KLM Airlines Reservations

Travelling abroad is a dream come true for many of us. When you are all set on where to go, the next important thing to decide on is how you are going to get there. Your entire plan of travelling abroad can become a wreck if you don’t choose a perfect transportation service. That being said, your entire journey will be filled with joy if you choose a great airlines for your travels. KLM Airlines is one such airline which offers its services to passengers who want to make a comfortable yet affordable journey. You can learn more about KLM Airlines Reservations and other information regarding the airline in this article.

KLM Airlines- providing great service for more than 90 years

Belonging to Air France-KLM group, KLM Airlines has its headquarters in Amstelveen. Since its establishment in 1919, it has been operating as the flag carrier airline of Netherlands. Its hub is located near Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Being one of the oldest airlines in the world, it continues to function under the same name. It has a membership in SkyTeam airline alliance too. With a fleet of 119, it offers both passenger and cargo services to 145 destinations.

Why choose KLM Airlines?

Effortless check in process:

Keeping the comfort of its passengers in mind, the airlines offers many ways through which one can check in. A passenger can make use of any one of the methods given below to check in while using KLM Airlines.

  • You can check in through online mode.
  • Mobile can also be used for checking in.
  • Passengers can check in themselves at the check in desk in the airport.
  • There is a self service kiosk in the airport where you can check in.
  • You can even check in with Sky Priority at the airport.

You can go straight to the security desk if you are carrying only hand luggage and checked in already.

Cabins with exquisite infrastructure:

KLM flights have specially designed its cabins to provide the passengers a at home feel. There are two types of cabin classes available. One is world business class and economy class. Also, the cabins in the long haul aircrafts are provided with personal screens to watch audio and video on demand, email and satellite phone facilities.

Business class cabin

The airline offers a great service to the passengers of world business class. A renowned Dutch designer has designed this cabin to provide a luxurious experience to its passengers. The full flat seats ensure the relaxation you need and you can entertain yourselves with 16-18 inch personal screen. This cabin features,

  • Seats with length of 200-207 cm.
  • A canopy if you want to enjoy privacy.
  • Provisions for in seat power.
  • KLM Crown lounges can be accessed.
  • You will be allowed to carry extra baggage.

Economy class cabin

KLM Airlines has not compromised its high standards when it comes to economy class of its intercontinental flights. Seats are comfy and there are different meals available. There is an onboard shopping selection where you can find good deals. In the economy class cabin, 

  • Passengers will be provided with a soft pillow and a blanket.
  • You can read the in flight magazine called “Holland Herald”.
  • A tasty meal will be provided and you can either have alcoholic beverages or non alcoholic drinks with it.
  • Separate headset to enjoy personal entertainment system.

Concessional fare for children:

Are you travelling with your children? We know it is a difficult task to manage children during your travels and the airlines intend to make it a little bit easy for you. During KLM flights booking, make sure to tell them that you are travelling with your young ones. They will take care of the reduction in the ticket fare for your children. 

Special children’s meals for free:

On KLM flights, children who are two years old or more will be provided with special meals. The airline requires you to make a reservation 24 hours before departure while checking your booking. The meal will be provided for free and will be delicious. Foods like mini hamburgers, fries will be given but this may vary depending on the flight. Children will also receive a junior pilot diploma or junior pilot adventure game along with KLM Airlines Mascot Bluey. If you have a child younger than two years, it is recommended to bring your own food for the baby. Intercontinental flights will have a few baby meals but you don’t have to pre-order it.

Easy to follow baggage guidelines:

Here at KLM Airlines, it’s easy to follow the instructions for handling your baggage whether it is hand baggage or check-in.

Instructions for hand baggage

  • In economy class– total weight should be less than 12 kg. You can carry one item with 55×35×25 cm and one accessory with 40×30×15 cm.
  • In business class– total weight should not exceed 18 kg. As hand baggage you can carry two items and one accessory with the same dimension specified for economy class.

Instructions for check-in baggage

  • In economy class– maximum weight allowed is 23 kg with one item (158cm). You will be allowed to bring extra 1 item of the same weight and dimensions if you are a member of Elite Plus, Blue Silver, Gold, Platinum and SkyTeam Elite.
  • In business class– You will be allowed to check in two items each weighing 32 kg and 158 cm dimension. Members belonging to Blue Silver, Gold, Platinum members, Elite Plus and SkyTeam Elite can check in an extra item of the same specified dimensions and weight.

Special Care for minors who travel alone:

KLM Airlines will take special care of children under 14 years who travel alone without anyone to accompany them. It is compulsory to book this for children between 5 years to 14 years. For children above 15 (15-17 years), booking the service is totally optional. The airlines will allow someone to accompany your child to the flight and to the particular person receiving your child upon arrival. Your child’s safety will be ensured by the staff during the flight too.

Many such services are provided by KLM Airlines reservations. If you are looking for an affordable yet comfortable air travel, KLM Airline is the right one for you and your loved ones. 

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